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wonderful time touring around bali with Dewa

Cycling tours are one of the best ways to discover the hidden beauties of bali, its view its smells, its rich cultural, flora and fauna.

Discover the daily life of traditional farmers, witness colorful hindu ceremonies and enjoy the ever green sceneries of the rice paddies and forests of bali.

Dewa will pick you up at 8 am at your hotel. You’ll be back around 3 pm.

Included in the trip:

  • Water
  • Bikes
  • Helmet

Please take:

  • Hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Wear comfortable clothing

The Best cycling tour company with main objective providing unique & personal cycling trips through rural Bali while at the same time will giving you a memorable experience by letting them witness at first hand the daily life, local customs and age-old traditions of the Balinese people. During the uphill trip by car, We’ll visit at famous rice terraces in Tegallalang. The emerald-green rice terraces in the river gorge north of Tegallalang village in central Bali are generally considered to offer travelers the best photo opportunity. Other popular lush-green and well-tended Balinese rice paddy sites include those in the Ubud area.

Before you ride a Bike, you will take to a point high up the side of Kintamani mountain for a late breakfast. The view was breathtaking as you are seated in front of the Volcano (Mt. Batur) overlooking its caldera and the lake on the right side. – A REAL BONUS OF THE TOUR!!!

Start point to BIKE RIDE &Visiting local village’s temple’ You can see the family house compound and also discover the real life of balinese people living in countryside. The real adventure begins when we ride through an incredible 7.5 hectares of bamboo forest where you will also have a chance to see Balinese traditional bamboo craftsmen at work inside the forest. This ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity will guarantee give you a memorable experience, so don’t forget to bring your camera or video recorder and take some shots here. This ‘amazing’ route is exclusive to us. The first and still the only one in Bali.

One more our exclusive stopping point is a visit to the magical Traditional Village “PENGLIPURAN”, a very traditional village which has its own unique culture and way of life. Penglipuran village is a place of interest and outstanding beauty in Bali. All the houses have been built from north to the south with the traditional entrance gate to each family compound being nearly identical. Here you will have rare opportunity to explore the uniqueness of Balinese traditional compounds which is only a few still remain in the island. We will also guide you through everything from the how’s and why’s of daily offerings to the amazing relationship betwen Balinese architecture and it’s spiritual practice.

Lates lunch at the restaurant in the middle of rice paddies’ When we are done with the riding session, we will invite you to our authentic Balinese style restaurant located in the middle of rice paddies where you will be served a magnificent luncheon with special ‘young coconut’ drink or fresh nutritious fruit juices. Around the restaurant there are several coconut and banana trees and a small Balinese plantation where you can learn about the medicinal uses and cultural importance of a variety of local plants. And you will be able to see many of the spices which are commonly used in cooking as well as different tropical fruits growing in their natural environment. The beautiful bluish view of Bali sea and Nusa Lembongan island at far distance is another exotic panorama that you can enjoy from the restaurant.


We had a great day touring around Bali with Dewa. So much better to have him driving you around than sitting on a busy coach all day. He showed us the best places, temples, volcano view over lunch – stunning, rice terraces and the best part; trying the once already eaten coffee (Luwak coffee). Definitely worth a visit!

Dewa gave first class service, great information about Bali with brilliant sense of humor. We had a great day out! Thanks, Dewa.

Lucie + Nathan



Adult $40
Children $30 (7-12 years)

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